My academic career has reflected my interest in language and words; starting to work as an translator was simply a natural progression.
Having obtained a diploma in English translation in Milan, in 1987 I moved to the UK, where I still live and where, in 1994, I also took my degree in Humanities .
I visit Italy every year, as this allows me to keep in touch with Italian culture and to maintain my mother tongue alive and up-to-date.
Experience has taught me that translation is so much more than just finding the perfect words and using grammar correctly; a translator needs to be bicultural.
A person’s future may depend on how accurately a court document was translated; a website is a company’s chance to introduce itself to a foreign market and success may depend on the quality of its translation into the target market’s language; a product’s health and safety information must be rendered clearly enough for people to fully understand it, thus preventing accidents.
I take this responsibility very seriously and I always produce reliable, flawless translations that reflect the style of the original document while targeting the specific audience and culture.