For quite a few years I have been offering my services for free to some organisations that support causes I believe in.
I enjoy using my skills and experience to help others and, as well as being good for the karma, this also represents a valuable learning opportunity.


Recently I have applied to join Translators Without Borders a wonderful organisation providing free translations in support of humanitarian projects.


celim logo
For several years I have been working with Celim, an Italian NGO that implements projects of  development, co-operation and education in Africa and in the Balkans. I specifically deal with their projects in Livingstone, Zambia, and translate texts which are then published on the relative website, blog, and Facebook page
My interest in this project is personal: one of my relatives works there as a volunteer and has created a beautiful  garden in memory of my mother.
I have visited the project and I have been able to meet all the wonderful people who generously give their time and efforts to this worthy cause.



I have done a few translations for The Doctor Hadwen Trust, a charity that supports the development of medical techniques and procedures not involving the use of animals.