Some examples of projects I have completed:


Translation and authoring of articles for the BBC Wildlife magazine
this project involved much research online, the translation of existing articles and the creation of original articles in a style suited to this high-quality publication;


Translation and proof-reading of TV listings, highlights and website contents for the Discovery Channel
ten-year project – my translations have been published monthly on Italian TV listings magazines and newspapers;


Long co-operation with several legal practices in Jersey, Channel Islands;
the years I spent in Jersey have enabled me to gain an in-depth knowledge in legal translation and acquire much experience in trust law,  matrimonial law and company law;


Translation of legal documents for HM Revenue & Customs
correspondence, documents and material for HM Revenue & Customs;


Translation of texts for the catalogue of the Vitra Design Museum
on the occasion of the touring exhibitionJoe Colombo – Inventing the Futureheld in Milan from 16th September to 18th December 2005 as part of the Triennale di Milano


 Translation of the entire AllSaints website for the company’s launch in Italy
long-term project which involved the complete translation of the website and subsequent updates relative to new product collections – as well as the creation and maintenance of a glossary – in a style suited to convey the very specific image of the brand adapted for an Italian audience


Translation of the Visitors’ Guide for The National Gallery, London
one of my favourite projects as it involved much research into art, a subject I have always loved;


Translation of  the Audio Guide for The National Portrait Gallery, London
another favourite project which gave me the opportunity to learn much on artistic genres I was not familiar with;


Translation of the entire website for The North Face
this four-year project, as well as the translation of the whole website contents, also involved the translation of new collections of sports apparel twice a year, the creation and maintenance of a glossary and style guide and the co-ordination of a small team of translators/proof-readers;


Translation of the entire website for StyDO
translation of the whole website and documentation of this B2B start-up which operates in the high-end of the fashion sector;


Translation for architecture firm Park Associati
translation of website updates and texts for tenders and the press.


Translation for art gallery Galleria Gracis
translation of website updates, press releases and publicity material.


Translation for author Stefano Quintarelli
translation and editing of second edition of the book ‘Building tomorrow. Instructions for an immaterial future’.