Other projects



For the last two years I have been supporting a young colleague by sharing my knowledge and experience, giving advice and support, guiding her through the learning process and facilitating her integration within the sector of translation and proof-reading. As well as being an extremely satisfying activity, the relationship allows me to keep my skills up-to-date and to acquire new ones.




Since the ’90s I have been involved in the Association Terra, Boschi, Gente e Memorie whose objective is the protection of a small natural area in the Italian region of Piedmont named Muscandia, which is very dear to me. I contribute by translating parts of the Association’s website into English and by helping organise events.
The Association also regularly publishes a journal of articles I Quaderni di Muscandia  focusing on different aspects of this area: natural, social, cultural, artistic. I have been increasingly involved in this project and the magazine has met much success both in Italy and abroad.
In March 2012 I was elected to the Association’s Board of Directors.




In 2015 the Samatha Trust, an organisation that promotes the development of Samatha Meditation, published my article ‘In praise of the longest breath’ in its Samatha Journal.