Translating often involves quite a lot of research and this gives me the chance to  indulge my endless curiosity and to learn and improve constantly.
While dealing with many different subjects, I have always tried to focus on the ones that pique my interest.
Throughout the years I have gathered a team of colleagues and professionals who, when needed, can assist me with specialist subjects.
All my translations are proof-read by a professional mother-tongue proof-reader.


Areas of expertise


Legal –   Documents, Contracts, Certificates, Court documentation, Terms & conditions, Articles of association
Marketing –  Advertising material, Press releases, Market research, Corporate profiles, Correspondence, Training documents for sales staff
E-commerce Websites, Online content, Newsletters, Social media
Tourism –  Advertising material, Websites, Press releases
Technical –   Websites, Health & Safety sheets, User manuals
Environment –   Articles, Press releases, Research papers, Reports
Medical –   Questionnaires, Information sheets, Market research, Medical reports, Leaflets, Patient information